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If you've reached a point in life, where you feel like staying with like-minded people in an assisted care facility, call the friendly staff at Hope Landing. We have a variety of activities designed for you to keep you engaged and happy.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living is a senior’s home where all the gaps in their needs and wants are filled. The focus is on caring for the residents where they are now and continuing to care for them by nurturing not only their physical, but their emotional and social needs.

When Is It Time?

There isn’t a specific indication that tells us it’s time to move. Each individual might decide it is time for different reasons. As family there are some signs that if you notice you might consider a transition. Major examples that its time would be a fall or a major health issue where the recovery seems slowed or an accident in which a full recovery isn’t possible and extra help is now needed. Moderate examples would be recognizing an increased difficulty performing daily activities. Such as trouble dressing, bathing, grooming, eating, ambulating, shopping, cooking, paying bills, and probably one of the biggest is trouble managing medications. If you don’t recognize these as a family, you might notice the results of those issues which would be things like weight loss, weight gain, or hygiene issues. Unfortunately, for many people it takes a major event to push them to move. If you can recognize some of the moderate or minor examples and encourage a move to assisted living some of the major events might be avoidable. Call us to discuss if it's the right time for your loved one.  

    Does My Insurance Pay for It?

    Generally, this question is being asked regarding Medicare or some other form of healthcare insurance coverage. The answer to that question is, No. Neither Medicare or your private health insurance will pay for our services. If you or your loved one purchased long term care insurance that may help with payment of our services. We are a Private Pay facility. 

    Can I afford to live in an Assisted Living?

    Assisted Living can be affordable. When deciding if you can afford it, you should consider all the cost that living at Hope Landing would replace. We have created a comparison tool to help put a number to all the costs we are replacing. Next you should understand the typical method to pay for it. The typical resident is not paying our fee solely with income. Most are paying with a combination of income and savings. Some residents choose to liquidate assets in order to afford it. Other families might choose to fill the gap themselves, supplement costs for their loved one as a family.

    Where do I sign up?

    Call Us Today. If we don’t have an availability or even if you are not quite ready to move, you can get on our waiting list. There is no charge to be on the list. All we require is for you to submit an inquiry form. This will give us basic information needed to notify you when we have openings. You may submit aninquiry form by emailing it to info@hopelandingalc.com or dropping it off in person.  
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